K. Raveendran Appointed President of Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka 2024

K. Raveendran Appointed President of Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka 2024

COLOMBO (National Savings Bank Head Office) – In a recent Annual General Meeting held at the National Savings Bank Head Office in Colpetty, K. Raveendran, Senior Deputy General Manager of National Savings Bank, was appointed as the President of the Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka for the year 2024. This prestigious appointment marks a significant milestone in Raveendran’s career and underscores his leadership within the banking community.

New Leadership for 2024

The newly elected Office Bearers for the Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka 2024 are as follows:

  • President: K. Raveendran (Senior Deputy General Manager – National Savings Bank)
  • Vice Presidents: Roger Norton (Executive Director – Standard Chartered Bank)
  • P.H.U. Imalsha (Bank of Ceylon)
  • Anusha Perera (Hatton National Bank)
  • Nalin Karunarathna (Seylan Bank)
  • Ms. Suhasha Mohamed (Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation)
  • Hon. Treasurer: Ajith Rathnayake (People’s Bank)
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ms. Dilini Wilathgamuwa (Central Bank of Sri-Lanka)
  • General Secretary: Gaya P. Basnayake (Ex – People’s Bank)
  • Assistant Secretary: Lahiru Bowatte (Commercial Bank of Ceylon)
  • Club Captain: Sachintha Fernando (National Savings Bank)

Committee Members:

  • P.K.C. Gunawardana (Bank of Ceylon)
  • K.A.L. Lahiru Sanjaya (Central Bank of Sri-Lanka)
  • B.A. Dissanayake (State Mortgage & Investment Bank)
  • Sameera Jayawardena (National Development Bank)

This diverse and experienced team of office bearers and committee members is poised to lead the Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka with dedication and enthusiasm throughout the year 2024.

Upcoming Events: Bankers’ Six-a-Side Cricket Tournament

Under the leadership of K. Raveendran, the Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka is gearing up to commence its activities with a thrilling Bankers’ six-a-side Cricket tournament. Scheduled for the 6th and 7th of July, this event promises to bring together banking professionals in a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition. The tournament not only fosters sportsmanship among members but also serves as a platform for networking and building relationships across different banking institutions.

Vision for the Year Ahead

As President, K. Raveendran aims to strengthen the bonds within the banking community through various social and professional initiatives. His leadership will focus on enhancing the club’s role in promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members. The Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka, under his stewardship, is expected to continue its tradition of organizing engaging events and activities that benefit the banking industry as a whole.


The appointment of K. Raveendran as President of the Bankers Club of Sri-Lanka and the election of the new office bearers signify a new chapter in the club’s history. With a diverse team and a dynamic agenda ahead, the club is poised to uphold its reputation as a cornerstone of the banking fraternity in Sri Lanka. The upcoming Cricket tournament marks just the beginning of what promises to be a vibrant and productive year under Raveendran’s leadership.